Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Julie, Me and Justin B

I spent a large chunk of the weekend in Bologna with my new friends, Julie, Heather, and David. Julie and I have one of those shared histories that makes you wonder how it took us this long to become friends. Exhibit A: I went to Homecoming with her older brother roughly 15 years ago. He ditched me at the afterparty to defend her honor in a street brawl.

True story.

Julie is one of those people it’s impossible to dislike. For starters, she’s a preschool teacher, so she oozes energy and kindness. It practically sloshes out of her shoes. She’s smart AND funny AND pretty too. Basically, the kind of girl you’d really love to hate if she wasn’t so darned nice.

Me, Julie, and (handpuppet) Bob
Anyhoo, we spent Friday and part of Saturday wandering around Bologna, catching up on news from home, and stuffing ourselves full of the local cuisine.

But the most memorable moment from the visit came during our walk to the train station. Ahead of us, we noticed a group of people forming in the street. This was followed by a series of ‘omigodthatsacelebrity‘ pitched screams coming from the crowd.

“Probably some Italian actor we’ve never heard of,” I said.

The screams grew louder.

“Well, you know there’s only one man on the planet who can draw the screams of barely-teenage girls and fully-grown women alike,” Julie said matter-of-factly. “Justin Bieber.”

We laughed at this and joked to whoever would listen that Justin Bieber was just down the street. Woah-ho-ho were we clever girls.

It was about this time the screams turned into chants. Unmistakable. Even with the Italian accent:

“Just-In Bie-Ber.  Just-In Bie-Ber.”

Not joking. Even a little.

We swam through the crowd of rabid fans and curious onlookers surrounding the pop star’s hotel. There was a balcony over the entrance, and I secretly hoped he would emerge, wave to his fans and serenade the group ala Evita.

Sadly, it was not to be. We didn’t see a single pretty hair of the wonder boy’s head. No one told him Julie and I were in town and waiting downstairs. Sad Trombone. Obviously, we can’t let that happen again, so I’m taking matters into my own hands.

Justin, If you’re reading this, we’ll be in Venice (part of our tour) on Thursday and Friday. Gelatos on me!

{images via Elizabeth Farrar and David Oh for Bella Vita}