Monday, January 28, 2013

What Now?

A few weeks ago, I announced I was making some big life changes this year. Namely that I am quitting school and resuming my life as a full-time nomad. I was purposely vague in that first post (just in case I decided to skip Plan B and move right on to Plan C), but I've officially locked in an actual plan now. At least for the next three months. All bets are off come May.

February, I'll be in Oregon, writing like a crazy woman and building my consulting business, Mighty Ripple. (P.S. If you know of anyone who needs a kick-booty communications guru, shoot me an email).

March, I'll be departing on a two-month, (mostly) European adventure. I'll spend a week at a mystery destination (to be revealed at a later date). Then I'll head to Tuscany for three weeks of wine tasting, cooking classes, hiking, and basking in the Italian sun.

Oh and copious amounts of gelato too.

For strength, I mean.

I've rented a gorgeous little two-bedroom apartment with the hope I might entice visitors across the pond. Seriously.

With April comes a two-week jaunt through Greece and, if I'm feeling particularly brave, Turkey. Traveling companions are welcome on this portion of the tour as well.

I'll wrap up this grand adventure playing tour guide to my mom. Over two weeks, we'll hit all of the hot spots in Italy (Rome, the Cinque Terre, Florence, and Venice). I don't know about her, but I also plan to eat my weight in pasta and gelato every day I'm there. Translation: They'll probably have to roll me onto the plane bound for London, where Mom and I will do a 4-day whirlwind tour of my ex-adopted city before returning to Oregon.

Eeek! I'm exhausted/utterly thrilled just thinking about it.

I will, of course, be taking you along on the journey here. That is, if you decide not to come experience it for yourself.


Spare room.


Call me.